The Bangkok First Experience

Welcome to our site! We are dedicated to making this the best resource for the single traveler. Whether you are young or old, we are sure you are going to love our site. So what is our site all about? Well, specifically, Bangkok – and all it has to offer with an emphasis on hotels and getting a great deal while avoiding extra fees which is a common occurance in Bangkok if you are not careful about your bookings.

Whether you are from the United States or England, the one thing in common for travelers to Bangkok is they all experience a great deal of fun. Usually though for first timers the shock of the city is quite high as it’s something you have to get used to. Strolling down the street you will encounter some strange smells. Once I was walking down a street where I thought i was smelling sewage but in turn it was actually fish sauce! This smell comes from the street food vendors that use it quite often. Once I knew what it was, i felt instantly better – even though I am not a fan of fish!]

Travelling to the Inner City

From the airport, you are going to want to take a taxi. As of late, you will find the taxi’s on level 1, where when you exit you have to take a ticket. Then you will see the corresponding parking space with your ticket number. If there is a cab there waiting, it’s your cab. Quite a cool concept actually. Before it was a bit of chaos.

Taxi’s are cheap, but make sure you get some Thai Baht at the airport before you get into a cab. The driver will look at you funny if you try to pass him American dollars or something. Also keep in mind there is an additional 50baht fee from the airport, not sure what it is – but it’s cheap anyway and after a long flight you probably won’t care.



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